The factory of SUEZ PCB company

SUEZ PCB Decontamination SA is the SUEZ company specialised in the treatment of electric appliances and other waste contaminated with PCBs.

About us
The factory of SUEZ PCB company

What do we do ?

We are able to treat :

  • Oil or PCB transformers or condensers
  • Other PCB electric equipment
  • Liquids contaminated with PCB in drums or tanks
  • Soils, rubble and all types of waste (absorbents, clothing, rags) contaminated with PCBs
The process

SUEZ PCB DECONTAMINATION offers an innovative and ecological processing of PCB contaminated waste solution.

With a specific technology implemented since 1995, you benefit from a know-how for the decontamination of your PCB transformers and oil and general waste contaminated PCB in our authorized centres.

Our objective is to completely resolve your PCB problem.

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Our every day results :

Recycled material
Controlled elimination
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